The Overture View Bid Tool Gone!

Those of us who have used this free tool to control the cost of keywords when starting  search engine PPC advertising  campaigns,  have been disappointed to find that the webpage where the tool was located now says “gone.”

Read Brad Fallon’s take on this situation:  “R .I. P.  Overture Keyword Tool” 

As many of you are by now aware, Overture’s “keyword suggestion tool” has gone dead this week after about a month of sporadic behavior. I seem to recall reading that this was part of Yahoo’s plan at the tail end of last year, but I can’t seem to dig up a reference to it anymore. It appears the “view bids” tool is still functioning at this time, but I’m unsure how long it will remain in service. If I understand correctly, this is part of Yahoo’s strategy involving the updates to their PPC service (which you may have heard of by its codename “Panama”).

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