What One Soldier’s wife think about Paris Hilton’s Early release from Jail!

Not everything I post here has to do with home based businesses, that is because, I feel some things are too important to ignore!  

I felt I had to follow the story to “MSN TV” before signing into my hotmail account.  I saw the headline: “Paris Hilton Released From Prison”.   After I read the story, I  added my humorous comment about the SURPRISING early release of Paris Hilton  from jail (more humor!) 

However my attitude became sober when I read the post of a supposeble wife of a soldier. Here’s part of her story/post/comment:            

  My husband served this country in Vietnam.  He was arrested for over-using prescription drugs and had to stay one full year in jail before going to court.  In that time he developed liver cancer, BUT WAS NOT RELEASED BECAUSE OF IT despite the pain he suffered.  He bled to death…     read the rest by following this link: http://boards.msn.com/TVboards/thread.aspx?threadid=308731&boardsparam=Page%3D355   Then scroll down to message #4255.