A couple of days a go I showed you an example of how some internet marketers are exploiting certain free avenues for advertising such as Chris Carpenter of “GoogleCash” and “Google Cash Strikes Back.” (the video) play it below!

Well, heres another example: “The next Internet Millionaire”  this is a upcoming Intervet  reality TV.  You can watch the video  at the bottom of this post.

I think that’s great!  I’m working on getting my video up as soon as possible before this door closes.  No one said it would close, but you know, when a good thing comes along there’s alway someone in the dark who just can’t wait to spoil the fun.  That sounds a bit negative on my part, but, unfortunately,  human beings do things like that.

The viral effect of video on the web is amazingly powerful, therefore use it while it’s still hot.